Top 5 rooftop bars in Malaga, Spain


Who doesn?t love a rooftop bar? Especially in a city such as Malaga on Andalusia?s Mediterranean coast, with its perpetual sunshine and soothing views of mountains and sea, the rooftop terrace seems like a no-brainer. Still, it was only sometime in the 1980s that the concept really took off, with a few of the taller and more luxurious hotels creating elegant and comfortable environments for taking in the views and the rays with a selection of tapas, cocktails and a deep, relaxing exhale.

Since then, many a rooftop has converted into an alluring terrace bar, and something of a competition ensued to offer the best views, the best cocktails, most trendy setting or simply the best all-around ?vibe?. For the uninitiated, you might like to consider one of these settings for an insider?s experience of the best rooftop bars in Malaga to suit your personal tastes.

AC Palacio Marriot

1. AC Hotel Malaga Palacio by Marriot
Cortina del Muelle, 1,…

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