5 rooftop bars you must visit in central London


Don?t say it too loud but London has a summer. It?s true, it really does. This is something that both locals and travellers tend to forget, it also creates something of a quandary when it comes to drinking out; London is great for a roaring fire and cozy hotel bar in the winter, but what happens when the sun is out? Well, one option is to head to one of central London?s glorious central parks. Another option is to find a bar with?a roof terrace. Both great options but in the latter someone will mix the drinks for you, and keep them cold too!

Here are my picks for the top rooftop bars in central London. Enjoy.

Dalston Roof Park

The back story of this uber-trendy Dalston hangout will surprise nobody familiar with London?s most hipster suburb: The outdoor, rooftop space that is Dalston Roof Park, was a functional community allotment in a previous life! Now, the cabbage patches have been replaced with deck-chair lined…

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