Miami on deck: cruising Florida’s sophisticated city


Take it all in from the water – the exciting, metropolitan cities of Miami and Miami Beach offer infinite possibilities for enjoyment during a private yacht cruise. Complete a thorough tour all in one day, or choose multiple destinations for lingering over a few days. Ready? Let’s cruise!

Enter Miami’s Biscayne Bay from the Atlantic Ocean through Government Cut, and slow down to appreciate the massive shipping activity at Port of Miami. You’ll pass by Fisher Island known for its high real estate values and luxury estates. (Was that a celebrity you spotted?) Cruise north under the MacArthur Causeway and watch for more of the rich and famous. The stunning waterfront mansions on Palm Island, Star Island, and Hibiscus Island are home for stars including Shaquile O’Neal, Gloria Estefan, Will Smith, Madonna, P. Diddy and Sylvester Stallone. Next, cruise around the Venetian Islands, a group of six exclusive…

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