23 Traveling Southeast Asia Tips You NEED to Know

So you’re in the midst of planning your first trip to South East Asia? You’re going to have a blast trying out the street food, riding scooters past lush green rice fields, exploring intricate temples, and coming face to face with the local wildlife.

To help prepare you for your journey across South East Asia, here’s my guide on things you should know before you go.

1. Squat toilets are common and you’ll need to bring your own toilet paper

Let’s get right down to business – we all have to use them so best to come prepared. You’re likely to find only squat toilets in train and bus stations, and often in some shopping centres and tourist attractions. Sometimes there may be a Western toilet in one of the cubicles. You’re unlikely to ever find toilet paper so make sure you have toilet paper or tissues on hand – and some hand sanitiser. Public toilets can get pretty nasty at times and there’s not always a place to wash your hands.

2. It’s a cash economy


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