The world’s first underwater lounge on a cruise ship


Luxury cruise company a la franaise, Ponant, have announced new fleet plans for 2018 that will offer the world’s most sensory cruise line experience. Ponant’s Le Laprouse liner will feature an underwater passenger lounge: the Blue Eye lounge. Think along the lines of James Bond meets The Big Blue.

Ponant new ships infinity pool

A multi-sensory experience

Ponant have described the Blue Eye lounge as a multi-sensory experience for passengers. Located below Le Laprouse’s water line, the Blue Eye will be a futuristic space of 75m2, with a capacity for 40 people. It will set sail in 2018.


Become a modern-day explorer of the sub-aquatic world

The Blue Eye lounge main focal points will be two gigantic curved portholes of 1.6m by 3.4m, enabling guests to explore and experience the sub-aquatic world. Specially designed lights, which don’t harm the marine biosphere, will be installed outside the ship’s portholes, to allow observation of…

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