5 Wyoming wildlife experiences – A Luxury Travel Blog


When reminiscing about Wyoming, a few things come to mind; western flare, skiing and, most predominately, wildlife. Thanks to the abundance of National Parks, nature preserves and protected land, Wyoming has a rich diversity of species roaming among the pristine terrain. Experiencing these creatures through tours by knowledgeable experts can be the most enriching thing you do while visiting the state of grassy plains and snowcapped mountains.

EcoTour Adventures

The highly educated naturalist guides from EcoTour Adventures provide a vast amount of knowledge while escorting passengers via safari style vehicle deep into the wilderness of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. With your guide’s trained eye, you’ll likely see a variety of animals and often tracks of those species more rare to catch out and about. Binoculars are provided to observe activity of animals further in the distance, and the rooftop…

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