Making Traditional Swiss Fondue in Geneva + Recipe

Walk past almost any restaurant in Geneva and you just may get a glimpse of drooling patrons dipping chunks of bread in a pot of bubbling cheese, then twirling the skinny forks in mid-air to make sure the bread has been properly coated.

It is a dish that is not for the health conscious, but it’s okay to be a little bad in Switzerland, especially when we are talking about cheesy fondue.

Switzerland Fondue in Zurich

Fondue was invented as a way to use stale bread and aged cheese in the cold winter months, when fresh produce was unavailable. It is now one of the most recognized Swiss dishes and quite possibly the most delicious.

Can you really go wrong with a pot of gooey cheese and basket of bread?

There are several different blends of cheeses used for fondue around the world, but arguably the most traditional in Switzerland is moitié-moitié (half gruyère and half vacherin cheese). If you are in a different country, like France, you will most likely get a totally different blend.

Hunks of fondue cheese in Switzerland

In Geneva, you can…

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