5 of the best art and architecture stops in Bangkok, Thailand


In recent years, an influx of partygoers and pleasure-seekers to Bangkok has wrongly resulted in the Thai capital being characterised as the ‘Sin City of Asia’; however, beyond Bangkok’s hedonistic nightlife scene is a rich cultural heritage which paves the city streets and sculpts its landscape. Much of the art and architecture of Bangkok is intrinsically linked to the nation’s most practiced religion, Buddhism, which is reflected in the opulent temples and grand effigies of the Buddha across the land. Whilst this ancient religion has heavily influenced the city’s visual culture for centuries, a secular contemporary art scene has gradually emerged over the last decade. Here’s our list of top Bangkok art and architecture stops:


The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the most popular sights in Thailand, attracting around 8 million visitors every year. Built in 1782, the sweeping complex of monumental…

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