Best Time to Visit Lisbon

Since I’ve lived in Lisbon for nearly a full year now, so I can offer some first-hand information on the best time to visit. For tips on places to see in Lisbon, be sure to check my city guide!

Lisbon climate

Visiting Lisbon in winter

Is it the best time to visit Portugal? No, objectively speaking, it’s not. If you want to visit Lisbon and get the most out of it, you should wait at least for the spring.

However, can it be a good time to visit? Sure! The month of January in particular is great for visitors from Northern Europe who want to kick off the new year with a city trip in a mild climate.

December and January may get quite rainy and cold, but there are also fewer tourists, which makes it easier to have a more personal and unhurried experience. You may actually get onto Tram 28 without queuing for ages!

Lisbon in late January – still plenty of bright days to enjoy

Rainy days are very likely but there are countless museums and historical buildings you can visit, not to…

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