How to Choose the Best Shoes for Travel • Ordinary Traveler

Packing appropriate clothing is crucial for any trip, but many people fail to realize the importance of choosing the right shoes! Taking care of your feet during your travels can be stylish and also safeguard from blisters and sore feet.

Here are a few examples and tips for choosing shoes that are fashionable yet practical for any kind of trip!


The Best Shoes For Every Type of Traveler


The Outdoor Explorer

Unless you’re embarking on an extreme hiking or mountain climbing challenge, you’ll probably want to skip packing traditional hiking boots. I’ve found a great alternative to bulky hiking shoes that I bring on trips where I know I’ll be hiking and I have limited luggage space. These lightweight hiking shoes are perfect for even the most intense outdoor adventures. I usually end up wearing them on the plane to save space.

The Best Shoes for Every Type of Traveler

For a more lightweight option that will condense down in your suitcase easily, these Cross Trainers are comfortable and provide ample support for…

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