Where to Stay in Fukuoka, Japan: Fukuoka Hana Hostel

We stayed in Fukuoka for two nights total on our most recent trip to Japan. The first was at Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakata Ekimae the night before we flew out to Sapporo. The second was here after flying back to Fukuoka from Sapporo then leaving by bus for Nagasaki the very next morning.

Since both were essentially transit stays, we needed to find inexpensive hotels that were conveniently located so we wouldn’t have trouble making our connections the next morning. Whether you’re leaving by plane, train, or bus, in Fukuoka that meant being close to Hakata Station which both of these hotels were.

We had a stellar stay at Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakata Ekimae. Here’s what we thought of Fukuoka Hana Hostel.

Fukuoka Hana Hostel is located in Kawabata Shopping Arcade about a 15-20 minute walk from Hakata Station. If you’d rather not walk that far, then you can take the subway to Nakasuwabata Station. It’s about a 5-minute walk from there.
Where to Stay in Fukuoka, Japan: Hana Hostel

If you’re staying in…

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