New site FareFetch will PAY you to book other people’s flights

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I get emails from a lot of different sites and apps, most of which (but not all!) are travel-related.  Most of these I ignore, but a few catch my eye. One of these was from a new site called FareFetch.

Farefetch puts an interesting spin on traditional award booking.  With traditional award booking, you typically pay $150 or so per person and the award booker uses your OWN miles to book flights.  Because of the cost of the award booking, it’s typically done for international and/or premium cabin travel, since on domestic flights, there isn’t a ton of overhead for the award booker to get paid.

How Farefetch works

Farefetch is scheduled to go live in mid-June 2017 and people will primarily submit fare requests through their mobile apps (iPhone and Android…

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