Mobile Photography Taken To The Next Level

Mobile photography seems to be everywhere and is only getting more popular.

This year over 2.5 billion photos will be shared online and it’s estimated that over 90% of those were taken with a smartphone. There’s no doubt that capturing and sharing moments with a smartphone is part of everyday life for many folks… myself included.

The tiny cameras built into smartphones are progressively getting more powerful. But they still lag behind the power and versatility of costly digital SLR and professional-grade mirrorless cameras.

So how do you push the limits of photography without breaking the bank?

Pixter has the answer.

I just did WHAT to my phone?!

Samsung spent millions of dollars painstakingly crafting the technology to squeeze an amazing array of powerful components in my Galaxy S7, culminating in a smooth, sleek, sexy device that feels like it was placed into my hand by Zeus himself.

And then I clipped on a big ol’ external camera lens.

Sorry Samsung.

My creativity…

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