3 new hotel reservations – 0 upgrades (so far?)

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I am not one who chases elite status very much.  I have never had an elite status on an airline (not counting the Southwest Companion Pass) and my only hotel elite statuses have come through credit cards, status matches and the such.  I don’t travel for work and don’t like to pay for stays, so it’s hard to get hotel elite status the “regular” way.

I try not to get too tied up into the whole DYKWIA of status (best video ever), though I’m not always good at that

(SEE ALSO: I’m p***ed I didn’t get upgraded)

Plans are firming up for our trip to Peru in a little bit, and even though there is a government strike / huelga in Peru while we’ll be there, I wanted to get the rest of things booked up while we’re there.  We have 5 nights at the Tambo del…

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