10 reasons why Bali is TripAdvisor’s top destination in the world for 2017


To those well-acquainted with Bali, this award has been a long time coming. In 2016, TripAdvisor named Bali as the 5th Best Island Destination in the World. Then last month Bali was bestowed the title of Top Holiday Destination in the World for 2017. To put this in perspective, London is 2nd, Paris 3rd, Rome 4th, and New York 5th. That’s some achievement for an island that doesn’t have much in regards to a tourist board or self-marketing strategy. However, the reasons why Bali is so popular aren’t too obvious to many. Over the past ten years, Bali has been growing in stature and popularity at an incredible rate but the general, limited expectation of prospective…

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