Travel Blog Design Tips

Once you’ve gotten your Travel Blog up and running; you’ll need to think on how you’d like it to be presented to your audience. You could do a lot of research to see what everyone else is doing but why would you want to look like the rest of the class? Being a social sheep isn’t going to draw an audience to your page; they’ll find it familiar but potentially fatiguing.

We’ve already looked at picking your name, hosting, building an E-Mail list etc so all the hard work is done to be truthful – all you need to do now is make it look the part and here’s how to do it:

Follow Some Design Blogs

Rather than looking at the competition, look at blogs that were set up specifically to help people in your situation. It’s comparable to going to a dentist for foot pain; you just wouldn’t do it. There are sites that offer inspiration and advise you on how to make your blog look polished and professional – take a look at WebDesignerDepot no matter your skill level; their…

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