How To Experience Asia Like A Local

Choosing attractions and activities on your well-earned vacation can be a daunting task.

Sometimes the language or cultural barrier feels insurmountable. Perhaps it appears there’s not many options. Or even worse, there’s too many options.

This is precisely when a local friend’s advice is invaluable. Someone who knows the lay of the land and can help uncover the destination’s hidden treasures. Someone to help you get around or learn the ropes, or delve deep into the local culture. Someone to help you find the experience of a lifetime.

Voyagin is this friend.

What Is Voyagin?

Voyagin is an online discovery and booking platform for unique and popular experiences, specialising in destinations around Asia. The founders of Voyagin created this platform after facing the struggle of exploring Asia without local expertise. They realised that guide books can only take you so far, then you need a little local help.

Originally started in Japan, Voyagin offers excellent coverage in…

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