A Great Option For a Budget Friendly Private Tour in Phuket

The following article is from a fellow travel blogger who is sharing an awesome budget friendly private tour in Phuket she found on her travels. 

I didn’t know two tourists on a budget could feel so important and VIP until our private tour in Phuket.

The two areas we’d visited prior, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, were incredibly affordable. But we arrived to this Thai city in disbelief of the higher prices. It has inflated prices due to so much tourism and like other Thai islands, has a VAT (tax) to enter. When we discovered this tour we felt like we hit the jackpot.

Budget Friendly Private Tour in Phuket

We arrived with only one day of five planned. There I was, with all-around island sticker shock, starting to panic at the realization we had nothing to do besides sit at the pool all day- which wasn’t what we came to Thailand for.

We were totally secluded at our remote hotel and reliant on taxis, which we quickly learned were expensive. I spent about two hours on our hotel…

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