10 Best GoPro Accessories for Travel (2017)

Joby Gorillapod Action tripod with GoPro mount

Investing in some GoPro accessories will hugely increase the capabilities of your camera. GoPro is really as much about the whole ecosystem of accessories as it is about the camera itself.

The following GoPro add-ons are recommended for active travellers looking to capture their trip in the best possible way. I’ll highlight some third-party accessories that are cheaper than the official GoPro ones, but which let you achieve the same things.


1. Extra GoPro batteries

If you buy just one GoPro accessory, make sure it’s a spare battery!

Your GoPro can run out of juice quickly, especially if you shoot a lot of video—not to mention that travelling can put you out of range of an electric socket for some time.

Gopro’s own batteries are pricey, but I’ve used off-brand batteries by Wasabi (for both my GoPro and my SLR), which are less than half the price and just as good. They also come with a USB-powered charger than…

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