Ten Adventure Activities in Costa Rica for the Adventure Lover

Adventure is one of the main reasons why people visit Costa Rica. With over 20 different micro climates and an abundance of natural attractions, it’s easy to prepare an action packed itinerary. Not to mention that Costa Rica is a fairly small country so you can be soaring over the cloud forest one day and scuba diving with sharks the next.

It’s hard to narrow down the activities but there are some that every visitor must try. Break out of your shell, conquer your fear of heights and let Costa Rica bring out the adventure junkie in you!

So here are the top ten best adventure activities in Costa Rica. They all offer an unforgettable experience and leaves you wanting more and more!

Ten Awesome Adventure Activities in Costa Rica


Ziplining is the top must-do activity in Costa Rica because it’s known as the birthplace of the first zipline. You can find canopy tours all throughout the country but the best one is in Monteverde and Arenal because of the cloud/rain forest…

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