Road Trips in Spain – Where to go & what to do

By Adam Groffman

SPONSORED — A couple of years ago, I ventured on my first road trip through Spain and Portugal. I drove from Málaga to Lisbon, making stops in some of the best cities in Andalusia. I explored the architectural beauty of old Córdoba and the hip, urban life of Seville. Like any great road trip, my Spain road trip was a lovely but weird experience. I remember struggling with some travel details: sometimes I wanted to stop driving for a while to explore somewhere new, but I was never quite sure which of the small cities on my route was most interesting or might offer a great lunch break.

In one experience, I ended up in a small city eating a rather depressing sandwich while the Spanish police happily towed my car. A quick lunch break turned into a 1-hour dilemma trying to interpret the yellow sticker left in place of my rental car, and then searching for the city’s police station. In the end, it was just a cash fine that needed to be paid, and thankfully I had a…

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