Adventures in the Maldives You’ll LOVE

Maldives is all about the turquoise water, white sandy beaches and tropical sea life. Many people consider it their dream vacation destination, imagining days laying around the white, sandy beaches and turquoise water.

While some only see this as a luxury honeymoon location, staying on the local island is altogether a different experience and one that is more affordable and perhaps cultural. I stayed at Mirian Sky and through them, got to try all these incredible adventures that I’ll always remember.

Maldives Bucket List at Mirian Sky Hotel – Adventures in the Maldives

1. Turtle snorkelling

Sea turtle in Maldives near Gaafaru

Can you spot the turtle? They do camouflage well!

Turtles are one of the big three, along with shark and mantas, that people want to see in Maldives. And these adorable green mammals are much easier to find. We were brought to one of their frequent sighting spot to snorkel and saw a total of four turtles during our hour-long snorkel. They were friendly enough to let you swim alongside…

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