Where to Eat Motsunabe in Fukuoka, Japan

Of all the things we ate on our recent trip to Japan, the one dish I would most love to eat again, is motsunabe. A specialty of Fukuoka prefecture, motsunabe is a hot pot stew made with beef or pork offal.

We’re Filipino and enjoy eating offal so we took an instant liking to this dish. Cooked in a shallow pot on your table, innards like beef intestines and tripe are allowed to simmer in a soup base seasoned with soy sauce, garlic, and chili pepper. Other ingredients like cabbage, garlic chives, and champon noodles are later added to complete the dish, which you can then enjoy with a steamy bowl of Japanese white rice. It’s to die for.

If you’re visiting Fukuoka and enjoy eating offal, then you absolutely must try this dish.

As described, motsunabe is a Fukuoka specialty so there are many restaurants in town that serve it. I did my research and Hakata Motsunabe Yamanaka is said to be one of the best. They have two branches – one in Akasaka and another in…

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