Tuesday 5/9 Daily Getaway – Save on Hertz points!

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Today’s Daily Getaway is a decent opportunity to save with Hertz (link here). The offer is billed as s 1-week standard vehicle rental for $280. However, the offer is actually given as 5,500 Hertz Gold Rewards points (equivalent to a 1-week award at standard level). This is *far* more valuable than simply a certificate for a weekly rental since the points allow other options.

Two other packages are available for more points (here and here), but they obviously cost more. They are a bit better in terms of points per dollar. I’m going to focus on the details of the base package.

Breaking down the opportunity

Getting a standard car for 1-week for $280 doesn’t really turn my head. I did a little shopping to compare prices on other rental cars. Locally, where…

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