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Few destinations summon as many daydreams as California, the breathtakingly gorgeous West Coast state with its impressive blend of landscapes… from beaches and vineyards to mountains and deserts.

sunset palms, california

Birthplace of the road trip, the rewards as you explore this Golden State are abundant and immediate, with swathes of sandy beaches along the Pacific Coast; the Sierra Nevada’s snow capped mountains; Big Sur’s dramatic coast road; Yosemite’s granite peaks; the characterful cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco; boutique wineries in Sonoma and Napa; other-worldy desert landscapes in Palm Springs; and dense, ancient forests with towering Redwoods. Luxurious retreats and secret hideaways reveal California’s alluringly charismatic side, away from the sun, surf and celebrity.

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10 unusual facts about California

1. California accounts for 90% of the USA’s wine production from over 400 wineries across the state. In…

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