The First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Osaka, Japan

I love Osaka. I love everything about it – the atmosphere, the weather, the shopping, the food. ESPECIALLY the food. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you: “Yes, JB looooves Osaka.” Depending on who you ask, you may even get a matching eye roll. ?

I talk up Osaka whenever I can because I really do think it’s that cool. Before our trip, the only other Japanese city I had been to was Tokyo. That was nearly 20 years ago and I remember being shocked at how expensive everything was. It put me off to Japan and made me apprehensive to visit again. I was under the impression that the entire country was pricey and it wasn’t until our trip to Osaka that my views changed. On that trip, I learned that Japan may indeed be more expensive than Southeast Asian countries, but it isn’t out of reach. Not all of Japan is as expensive as Tokyo, and it is possible to have a good time there without breaking the bank. Apprehensive as I was about revisiting…

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