5 Places that are Disappearing Forever

I recently found out that the Dead Sea might only be around for 50 more years and it got me wondering about other places that are disappearing and which they might be. I found some really interesting places, some of which are on many people’s bucket lists. So, take a look at these places that are disappearing before they are gone forever!

Places that are disappearing – go see them NOW!

1. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea fills up from the River Jordan (where Jesus was baptized). People drink that water though and the Dead Sea (which is a lake, not a sea) is slowly lowering. Scientists say it could be gone in 50 years. The Dead Sea is mineral rich and so salty you can float in it. It’s also the lowest place on earth. I recently visited; read about it here.

Tips for the Dead Sea in Jordan kempinski

2. Maldives

Ben builds artificial reefs as a job so I have been hearing about the disappearing Maldives for years. I didn’t realize before I met Ben. It’s the most stunning place I’ve seen in photos and is SO ON MY BUCKET…

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