The magical place most travelers to South Africa miss


South Africa is known for unique wildlife, fantastic wines and natural landscapes. However, these stereotypes don’t even scratch the surface of what this rainbow nation has to offer. Just imagine waking up to new vistas: rolling green mountains flowing into violent blue seas, pink and turquoise rondavels dotting the hills and yellow kites from the surfers kissing the mountain ridges. It’s truly an idyllic place: whales spout in the distance and crickets chirp at night. The beaches of the Transkei are better known as the “Wild Coast”. This is the original home of Mandela, Xhosa bread and a wistful, inspiring magic that can be better felt than described.


More than anything, the energy here is palpable. People who chose to spend their lives on the Wild Coast are generous, warm and genuinely care about improving their country. Moreover, one must not miss this coastline because of the sort of visitor it attracts….

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