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Cafe in the French Quarter of New Orleans
Cafe in New Orleans

In the 10 years since I began blogging, I’ve experimented with all sorts of approaches to internet connectivity to ensure I can update Go Backpacking and social media from the road.

Braving China’s smoky internet cafes, a $1,000 mobile data bill from a week’s worth of roaming charges in Rwanda, and having to buy new SIM cards when arriving in new countries are just a few of the frustrations that spring to mind.

That’s why when the folks at RoamingMan offered me the chance to try their 4G mobile hotspot, I agreed. I’m open to trying any device that can make it easier to connect.

And I quickly discovered this product is as simple to use and easy as it gets.

When the device arrived at my home in Austin, Texas, I opened the cardboard box and removed the contents of the soft canvas carrying case inside.

RoamingMan WiFi Hotspot

The photo above is what I received: a glass and metal hotspot device about the thickness of two smartphones, a short USB cable for charging, and a…

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