How to Get Around Costa Rica

how to get around costa rica - the complete guide to the different ways to get around the country including information about costs and how efficient each method is

Getting around Costa Rica is a big concern for travelers especially for visitors who are here for a short period of time and on a budget.

Without an efficient transportation system like the subway and with an ever developing infrastructure, traveling within the country can be a bit of a headache. It seems like it’s either super expensive or takes forever.

But don’t fret! Plenty of travelers have made it and found a way to get around whether it’s by foot, car, bus, etc. And luckily the system is improving and there are several handy tools you can use. (Plus we offer some sweet discounts you will find in the post!)

In this article I’m going to outline how you can get around Costa Rica using the various ways and break it down by cost and efficiency. This will help you get a much better idea of how you want to get around on your trip.

So which method of transportation do you want to read about?


Flying is the quickest way to get around the country. What would take you…

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