United settles with doctor dragged off flight, makes policy changes

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It’s been a crazy few weeks for United. It started with #leggingsgate, and then #bumpgate upped the ante. The outrage toward United Airlines has been significant and widespread. The internet even saw a rash of memes after the second incident. There were even reports of people cutting up their United MileagePlus Explorer cards in half (do it….more XN seats for me).

United settles with Dr. Dao

Doctor Dao, the man who was dragged off United flight 3411 out of Chicago on April 9, has reportedly settled with United yesterday. Dr. Dao’s lawyer has said “United is to be applauded” for accepting full accountability for what happened in the incident, rather than blaming police or Dr. Dao himself.

United’s own spokespeople sounded just as happy about the…

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