Why Andalusia is the Best Place for Studying Spanish

By Adam Groffman

I just completed another Spanish language course in Spain, and again I opted to take my course in the south – Spain’s Andalusia region. I’ve now been to Andalusia more times than I count – it’s one of my favorite parts of Spain for its amazing history, culture, food, sunshine and the friendly people. Because of all of that, it’s also my favorite place for a longer holiday in Spain, specifically for these study trips to delve a bit deeper into Spanish culture, and of course the beautiful Spanish language.

My very first visit to Andalusia was during a month-long backpacking trip through Spain. I made sure to hit the biggest cities and tourist sites, such as Seville, Granada, Gibraltar, Tarifa and Cadiz – and every trip since, I’ve managed to see more and more of the region. As I’ve traveled around the entirety of Spain, I’ve discovered more and more of Spanish culture, but I somehow still keep coming back to Andalusia.

5 Reasons to Study Spanish in Andalusia - Travels of Adam -

For language learners,…

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