Cultural Spa Experiences You Should Pamper Yourself With

The following is a guest post from a fellow travel blogger about why we shouldn’t feel guilty if we pamper ourselves a bit on vacation (not that I needed to be told that, lol).

I’ve never had fish bite the dead skin off my feet but if I had the chance, I would do it. When I travel, I splurge on self-care.

I believe pampering is a worthy cultural experience.

The traditions change from country to country and what you get out of it is different from a guided tour. Instead of learning, I get one-on-one time with locals and an immersive experience that makes me feel something.

“Whether it’s wonder or awkwardness, I feel and connect to the culture on a deeper level.”

Alleppey, India

In Alleppey India, I got an Ayurvedic massage. When I walked in the room I was given granny style panties made of paper. Confused, I looked back at the woman. She then pointed at the shower and motioned for me to strip down.

I walked out of the shower and sat on a short stool as she stood…

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