5 Items I Never Travel Without

items never travel without
What do you refuse to leave home without? (Credit: Jaymantri)

There’s no denying that packing tips have their uses.

Although they can be dull to read at times, they can be handy – particularly if you’re traveling to a destination you know next to nothing about. Or if you have to dress a certain way, which I did when I spent three months living in Doha in Qatar.

I ask you now – what are the items that you simply cannot travel without?

Not the ones that you’ve been instructed to take with you. Rather, those that through trial and error, automatically get placed into your backpack or suitcase immediately, when you begin preparing for your next trip away.

Here are five of mine.

A water bottle

Of all the items that help with the ease of plastic free travel, a water bottle is the biggest no brainer.

Yet, I know plenty of people who are happy to turn up to the airport/train station or hop in their car, drink bottle free. “Oh, I’ll just buy one along the way,” they’ll…

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