10 Best Places to Travel Solo

Traveling alone can be an amazing way to see the world. Whether you’d like to be truly by yourself so that you can explore in peace, or if you’re looking to meet people as you travel, you can have experiences that are often impossible when travelling with a companion.

I’ve travelled through 48 countries, many of them solo, and have picked a few favorites for best solo countries…

Choosing a destination

Of course, a determined solo traveller can go pretty much anywhere (safety permitting). If you’re looking for adventure, simply aim for the horizon.

But if you’re looking for a rewarding solo holiday or solo backpacking trip, certain countries are better suited than others.

It’s nice if you can simply focus on enjoying your trip without also having to deal with safety issues, impenetrable language barriers, or a lack of tourist infrastructure — especially if you’re new to solo travel!

You’ll probably want to choose a country that:

  1. is well-travelled

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