Why Long Distance Bus Travel Is Better For The Environment… And You

Growing concern over climate change has led to an increased desire to travel more responsibly.

Global warming is naturally caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trapping heat around Earth, but now the threat is uniquely manmade and accelerating quickly. As the impact of manmade greenhouse emissions grows more noticeable, so does the pertinence of eco-friendly solutions. Yes, the Earth may be getting hotter, but so is the idea of responsible travel.

Travellers are always on the move, but all that jetting around may have a serious impact on the climate. In fact, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization air travel causes the greatest carbon emissions, with automobiles coming in second. As a result, travellers are looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint as they roam, and megabus is helping them do it. It is not a plane. It is not a train. It is not a bus. It is megabus – the safe, convenient and affordable way to travel.



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