Guide to Visiting La Marta Wildlife Refuge in Turrialba

Did you know that Costa Rica has over 50 wildlife refuges? Add that to the list of 31 national parks, 8 biological reserves and 13 forest reserves and you can understand why Costa Rica is such a hot destination for eco-tourism and nature. Though most travelers opt for visiting the national parks, there are many lesser known reserves and refuges that offer an equally incredible experience hiking in the rain forest and observing wildlife.

One of these is La Marta Wildlife Refuge in Turrialba. This 1518 hectares of protected land is the first private wildlife refuge in Costa Rica with 60% primary forest and 40% secondary forest and forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Amistad International Park (in Costa Rica and Panama). Visitors can hike the many trails in the wildlife refuge, camp and take a guided tour to experience the rich nature of La Marta.

If you are visiting Turrialba and looking for a nature hike without many visitors, head to La Marta Wildlife Refuge. Here is…

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