5 London cocktail bars for the luxury traveller


World-famous hotel bars, chic cocktail bars and quirky pop-ups: London boasts every type of bar imaginable. Naturally then, knowing where to start can be tricky. So we’ve whittled tens of thousands down to five must-visit venues. Sure the drinks are great, the service exemplary and the decor tasteful but then, that’s not unusual. These five venues boast something intangible that propels them into the upper echelons. They have history, they have stories. They’re the best of the best.

The American Bar, The Savoy

The American Bar at the Savoy is not only the most famous hotel bar in London, it’s the most famous hotel bar in the world. From late-night shenanigans with Richard Burton and Oliver Reed to morning gin with the Queen Mother (she came every day, apparently) this London institution is teeming with interesting history.

Even the name has a great story as it was opened by an American cocktail waiter…

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