You Say Satay, I Say Sate

In almost every country you visit, you’ll come across a dish that will test how adventurous you really are. Sannakji in Korea and tamilok in Palawan are two that come to mind. Deemed too extreme for foreigners not named Andrew Zimmern, they may even be too much for some locals so there’s no shame in chickening out! My sister-in-law is Korean and the thought of eating sannakji repulses her. In short, they aren’t for everyone.

Satay is NOT one of those dishes.

Spelled sate in Indonesian and Malaysian but pronounced the same as the English “satay”, this is a dish that’s hard not to like and one of the first things I would look for on any return visit to either country.

Sate is a seasoned and skewered meat dish that originated from the Indonesian island of Java. Different types of meat are marinated in turmeric and other ingredients before being grilled over coals and served with a variety of sauces, most commonly peanut or sate sauce.

Though its exact…

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