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Albania Travel Blog- What to See When You Visit Albania!

Located between Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Greece, Albania sometimes seems like a forgotten corner of Europe. And that’s really a shame. This ancient country has plenty to offer, from historic cities to imposing mountain ranges and unspoiled beaches.

Albania is really as old as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the region being inhabited since the 4th century BC. Nowadays, it’s an increasingly modern country, boasting many great attractions, yet still well off the beaten path. Albania is a superb place to visit if you’re looking for a destination that’s untouched by mass tourism, but still has plenty to offer in terms of nature and history. You’ll see when you visit Albania that it’s essentially a combination of Croatia, Greece and Italy, without the crowds.

If you’re thinking about visiting Albania—and you’re of course encouraged to do so—, you might wonder where to go in Albania. Consider building your itinerary around some (or all) of the…

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