The benefits of flying private over business class


Many people consider business class or first class to be the epitome in luxury travel as they don’t consider flying privately as a viable option. Traditionally the cost of chartering a private jet has always been viewed as prohibitive, and though in many cases it will be higher than first or business class, in many instances the price difference may not be as high as imagined. There are also a host of benefits that tend to be overlooked, which when added together can offset any extra cost for a lot of travellers. If you are a frequent business or first class traveller that has never considered flying private, here are some of the benefits that you are missing out on.

Private Jets

It’s time saving

Though travelling business class is undoubtedly a   n upgrade on luxury and comfort, it certainly doesn’t save you any time over a standard airline ticket. You still have to arrive a couple of hours before take off, go through…

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