Bill introduced to prevent airlines involuntary denying boarding: Here’s why it is a bad idea:

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You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Sunday’s debacle where Chicago police forcibly removed a man from United flight 3411. I’ve penned my take on how I think United bungled the situation from the beginning (SEE: Thoughts on the man dragged off a flights and United’s PR nightmare), and the internet has even had a rash of memes about the incident (SEE: My 7 favorite memes from Sunday’s United “incident”). The wife of a pilot has her own take on the situation (SEE: A pilot’s wife’s take on the United passenger being forcibly removed).

My thoughts now boils down to this: United had a reasonably good reason for involuntary bumping passengers, but they mismanaged the situation. The police were called, ended up acting…

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