Information About Visiting the Cloud Forests

Monteverde’s first became famous due to a National Geographic article, naming them the best place in the world to see Resplendant Quetzals. Thanks to this mention, Monteverde’s popularity among nature and bird lovers around the world soared. This small village up in the mountains of Costa Rica suddenly became a tourist hot spot as visitors flocked to see the Quetzals and explore a very unique ecosystem: the cloud forests.

It’s an excellent destination for first timers and even seasoned Costa Rica travelers with plenty of adventure and nature. If you’re planning on visiting, here are our Monteverde travel tips so you are prepared for your trip to the forest in the clouds.

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About Monteverde

As one of the top eco-tourism destinations in Costa Rica, you won’t find all inclusive resorts, luxury condo towers or well maintained roads. Monteverde is actually the name of the entire community made up of…

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