7 highlights of northern Thailand


For all the familiarity of Thailand’s powdery beaches and Bangkok’s glittering skyline, look north and you’ll find somewhere quite different. Northern Thailand was largely an independent region until the beginning of the last century, a bastion for hill tribes each with a distinct identity. We’ve selected our highlights of the region, taking you from the outlandish architecture of Chiang Rai to the Shan Hills of Mae Hong Son.

Discover Chiang Rai’s artistic heritage

Many international galleries reference work by Bangkok-based Thai artists, but the art scene in Chiang Rai is beginning to draw attention. The Lanna Kingdom (a northern Thai Empire that ruled from the 14th-18th century) left behind a rich legacy of artworks, with many fine examples housed in the Mae Fah Luang Gallery and Oub Kham Museum. These collections of sculpture, painting and pottery have inspired a flourishing community of artists, from the…

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