Why Every Traveler Should Try Solid Shampoo

There are only a few days till I leave for a month trip to Sri Lanka, and it is time to start packing my toiletries. The worst part of the packing in my opinion. All those plastic bottles of liquid stuff is a total nightmare! Not only does all these bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face lotion, eye cream, shower gel, facial cleaner ++ fill up my bag and make it heavy. But there is always a huge chance that they will leak during my flights making my toiletries and in the worst case the rest of my stuff a total mess when I finally arrive in Colombo.

Lush shop in Oslo

Guess what; I have found a solution; solid shampoo from Lush! I first tried their solid shampoo bar back in 2014 after a friend of mine recommended it, and I have been addicted to it ever since. It is simply genius and makes my hair feel just as fresh, clean, and moisture as a regular liquid shampoo does.

After falling in love with the Lush shampoo bar, I got tempted to try out some of their other products. Some I did not…

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