Tips for a Short Trip

Since Costa Rica is known for breathtaking natural landmarks, ample wildlife and exciting outdoor adventure, San Jose may not be the first destination to pop in mind. However, what majority of people don’t know is that San Jose is close to all of that and more! Not everyone has the luxury to slow travel 3 weeks in Costa Rica so if you’re short on time and more of a city person, San Jose is the ideal destination.

It’s particularly good for first timers because:

  1. SJO Airport is the main international airport in Costa Rica so there are more flights and prices may be cheaper.
  2. It’s pretty easy to get around using public buses.
  3. San Jose is in a central location in the country.
  4. Many of the attractions in San Jose are cheap.

Here is a sample 5 day Costa Rica itinerary based in San Jose. You’ll get to experience Costa Rican city life, lots of culture, nature and adventure! Perfect for city people who want a sprinkling of nature in their trip.

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