3 Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling • Ordinary Traveler

Traveling outside of your home country often brings about one fear in everyone: food poisoning or traveler’s illness.

You may think simply drinking bottled water will safeguard you from these unpleasant side effects, but this is only the beginning of the precautions you should take! Up to 70% of travelers experience the uncomfortable effects of digestive issues from eating contaminated foods, including diarrhea, fever, and vomiting.

We’re partnering with Travelan — a dietary supplement made specifically with travelers in mind — to share with you our tips to avoid getting sick (aka Montezuma’s revenge) while traveling abroad.


3 Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling


1. Limit Germs!

If you aren’t a certified germaphobe, you’ll want to become one while traveling. Carry antibacterial wipes on planes to wipe down your sitting area (and bathroom, when you use it), and re-apply hand sanitizer consistently. Wash your hands often, and avoid sharing any lip…

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