The most beautiful mountain passes in the Alps


Spring slowly but surely returns to the northern hemisphere. The sun shines brightly and pushes us out of our homes. The obvious conclusion: we want to drive in a convertible! But which mountain road and which cars are ideally suited? Find it out here. No area is better suited to cross a mountain pass than the Alps. The highest mountain range of Europe is over 1’200 kilometers long and is located in the countries France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Read about some of the most stunning mountain pass roads in the Alps.



Switzerland is known for its countless mountain passes with challenging but beautiful hairpin turns. We recommend the combination of Furka Pass and Grimsel Pass. The 28 kilometers of the Furka Pass are fit for traffic between about May and October. A maximum incline of 11% guides you to the summit of 2,429 meters above sea level. The Route…

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