Tips for Visiting One of the Wonders of Costa Rica

Established in 1972, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has largely been considered as one of Costa Rica’s most treasured places. This 4,000 hectare private reserve protects a very delicate and sadly diminishing ecosystem: the tropical cloud forests. The original settlers, a group of Quakers recognized the vulnerability of the cloud forests and set out to protect Monteverde by creating the reserve.

Currently, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is run by a non-profit group and now tourists from all over the world visit this particular part of Costa Rica to learn about the precious cloud forests. Tourists can hike the reserve or take a guided tour to experience the beauty of a forest up in the clouds and appreciate its importance in the world.

Of the three cloud forest reserves, Monteverde is arguably the most popular and is absolutely worth visiting. We spent a whole day wandering through the trees, exploring a unique corner of Costa Rica. We did a self guided hike so if…

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