Soon you’ll have to travel to the UK to eat fish and chips


With Article 50 having now been triggered and Brexit becoming a reality, there are a number of small changes that are happening that many people are not aware of. Among them is that the traditional meal of fish and chips, which has its origins in the UK dating back to the 1860s, will be outlawed in mainland Europe.

Fish and chips

Once a stock meal of the working classes in northern England, the popularity of battered fish and chips quickly spread throughout the UK as well as further afield. But come midday on 1st April 2019, when all Brexit negotiations will have been completed, the only place (no pun intended) that it will be legal to purchase and consume this popular meal will be within the UK.

It’s expected that this will give the UK a small tourism boost as fans of this classic dish choose to visit Britain in order to get their fix of fish and chips.

Avril Duper, a spokesperson for the EU, has pointed out that…

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